Ornette Coalman
Tuesday, February 22 22:24:14 2000
EQ Server
Rallos Zek (PvP)

I come from the humble town of Rivervale, the old stomping grounds for all Halflings. I am a devout disciple of Karana the Rainkeeper, but have occasionally violated some of these holy laws due to many of my comrades being of evil origins. I protect the weak who have been terrorized by the strong. I give to those who are in need. People who attack me will be remembered and kindly repaid with experience loss; Druids can easily make other players lose experience due to a death by NPC.

Screen shots

Due to the number of screen shots that I now have, I decided to put them on seperate pages to make it easier to download this page. Each of the pages contain a number of thumbnails which you can click to see the full image. Some of the screenshots contain the tiled spell, status, and chat boxes due to the time constraint during the time of the screen shot. In some cases I had little time to setup a good screenshot and didn't even have time to change the view to exclude the ugly boxes and my list of buffs. These screen shots were taken incrementally as I leveled from lvl 20 to present, and are in chronological order.

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Here are screenshots of when I went on a suicide run into Veeshan's Peak
  Just zoned in,
At the zone in again,
The 2 racnars that guard the first passage way,
A look down the first passage way,
Silverwing, the first dragon that I encountered,

Here are some of the screenshots of an actual raid into Veeshan's Peak. A few Wudan members who had Veeshan's Peak keys and the Ascending Dawn members who had keys decided to take a field trip to Veeshan's Peak, just for fun. Most of the stuff that drops in Veeshan's Peak is no longer the best in the game since the Velious expansion and people don't go here anymore since it's much harder than the loot is worth. But we thought it would be fun to fight some epic battles and explore a zone that so few people on the Rallos Zek server has been to. (Previously only the raid group, Sabbat, has ever been in Veeshan's Peak, and they only killed the first 3 dragons).
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