1999 Annual Gatsby Party Pictures

Here are some pictures of Gatsby 1999 in Stamford, CT. A 24 hour party marathon at a mansion next to the Long Island Sound. These pictures were taken and developed by Gillian and Sheila.

Here is a picture with my good friends Dave and Brian with somebody else...

This is a picture with me in the black tux with Dave and Brian...

Here's a nice picture with Gillian.

This is a picture of Paul and Sheila, Paul was one of the hosts of the annual Gatsby party.

I remember meeting these people, on the far left is my good friend Randy Funke, next to Journ(?) who came all the way from Sweden, Chris' roomate, and someone else.

This is a shot of the dance floor with various party people dressed up in late 20's fashions. The girl in the middle of the floor talking with the girl in the white short dress is Kristen Napier.

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