My first Android Live Wallpaper

A couple of days ago I downloaded the Android SDK because I needed to get used to using Eclipse for this other project that I'm going to be starting soon. I've played around a bit with the SDK years ago but never actually wrote any code. After I figured out what hoops I needed to jump through to create an Android app, I decided to make a live wallpaper because there really aren't many good anime related live wallpapers, and I don't think there are any Evangelion related ones.

I decided to make one using the Magi hacking attack display from the End of Evangelion. Here's the link: Or you can search for "Magi attack wallpaper" or something similar in the Android market, you use your phone to scan this QR:

I've never done this before, don't even know how the dev side of the market works at all. It costs $25 to upload the app to the market and since if I make it free I can't change it ever, I decided to make it $0.99 and it'll allow me to change it whenever I want in the future. I'll probably make it free once I get the $25 back, or maybe I'll just make it free. Like I said, still getting used to the dev side of the market, there were a ton of things I needed to fill out and read up on.

Here's a screenshot taking from the debug emulator:

The attack lines are all random, and alternates between blueish attack lines and the words COLLAPSING, just like around 7 minutes 30 seconds into End of Evangelion, except not that fast, otherwise the wallpaper's drain on the battery starts becoming significant.

I might try to do others, the process itself was much easier than I thought, just a matter of coding in the drawing.

Here's a short excerpt from the End of Evangelion that shows the Magi hacking attack display:

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