Brett Keisel


"Brett Keisel's beard is so awesome, Chuck Norris' fist uses it as a summer home"

"Actually, it was Keisel's beard that recovered the Flacco fumble."

"His beard scares Chuck Norris"

"I think Keisel has been using Polamalu's head and shoulders volumizing shampoo. It's got Pola-molecules. "

"The beard has it's own ZIP code. It is almost as impressive as the man sportin' it."

"He didn't just grow a beard, he unleashed something so out of control that it looks as if two small animals were laid to rest on his face."

"He's not growing a playoff beard. It's a Dynasty Beard. And he's so American that he's raising a nest of Bald Eagles inside of it"

Oh yeah, also a Facebook page.

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