Cinco de Mayo 2005

CINCO DE MAYO! Yet another successful and very degenerate cinco de mayo party. We actually did some cleaning this year to get rid of some of the crap, INCLUDING, putting the pinball machine back on its legs so it would fit in the corner. This allowed us to not only stick stuff underneath it, but put stuff on top of it. Amongst some of the new things we bring to each year's party, this year I brought absinthe, direct from Germany. Also, I actually took some pictures when I wasn't pouring tequila down my throat. Thanks again to amy for preparing food for an army. 2 monitors got smashed this year, roman candles went off in the kitchen, i think someone tumbled down our steps and created a hole in our wall large enough to fit a person through. Oh, and no "trick" pinata this year. How sad. After a few days of recuperation, we went to Lidia's down on the strip for some recup food. Also, a PBF comic (Note: This was called Mammoth Maul which doesn't appear to be on the new PBF site), click here to read more of Nicholas Gurewitch's comics.

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