Cinco de Mayo 2006!!!

Usually, I'm pretty good about pacing myself for a 12+ hour long party involving lots of hard alcohol, but this year I utterly failed. Thus, I really can't give an accurate description of what happened this year much past 6 or 7pm. The day started with getting up at 9am for a meeting that ended up getting canceled. We went and got the beer and about 3.5 litres of tequila (3 generations and Patron). By noon, I was already sufficiently sauced, a prelude of things to come. The food prep needed to start happening so the beer needed to go into the fridge. The night before we were ripping CDs and whatever else we could get a hold of (like GTA Vice City soundtrack) to supply a repeat/shuffle playlist on the music server, so that we'd have constant Latin/party stuff playing. By 4pm, people started showing up and the food was about ready to be served. I had long lost track of the number of shots I've taken so taking pictures was not high on my list of things to do. However, I did manage to snap a few pictures of Michelle and Erin standing around and another of them posing with the fag matches. Around this time was when the absinthe was broken out. Note the little bottle with the dropper. That's highly concentrated extract of Thujone (or wormwood, the good stuff). Even though the little bottle has easy to read warnings, people (me included) were pouring that shit right into our mouths. As the absinthe abuse and tequila shots continued, it was pinata time (gotta do this before it gets dark). This year we sported 3 pinatas. First up, was a Parrot, and it actually survived quite a few beatings, and some more after that. The 2nd pinata was our special. Last year we didn't have a special pinata, but this was a long time tradition at the Comet house. I'm sorry to say I don't have any pictures because I was ducking for cover. The pinata was shaped as a slice of watermelon. But instead of it being filled with candy, it was actually filled with slices of individually wrapped watermelon. Of course, only we knew that it was filled with watermelon. Jordie took the first smash at it, and it burst open in a flurry of watermelon juice and watermelon flesh. A watermelon food fight ensued shortly afterwards. The last pinata was a regular, the Hulk, and it was filled with boring candy. This is the point of the evening where my memory starts getting INCREDIBLY hazy. I have a few pictures of our traditional computer monitor smashing, but I don't remember taking them. Apparently Ray and Mark had a few golf swings at it. I was told at this point, I was downing liquor no holds barred and shortly afterwards, I passed out in the kitchen. My girlfriend told me she tried to put me to bed but I collapsed of the floor and Patrick (AND GEORGE) helped me onto a couch (it ain't no fucking party unless someone blacks out!). Oddly, I remember going to bed. Later in the evening I had woken up (not realizing that I had been passed out for a couple of hours) and started drinking again (I think). With all the booze gone I put myself to bed sometime around midnight. And that's about all I remember. I'll probably add updates with possibly more pictures once people tell me what happened. I should have taken pictures of the aftermath, like uhh, over 180 (mostly) empty bottles of beer covering every horizontal surface on the first floor, but I wasn't too into doing much but lounging around the next day. Oh yeah, here are all the pictures that I took.

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