Cinco de Mayo 2007

It was that time of year again, that's right, it was time for Cinco de Mayo. Amy was a good enough sport to fly in from New York to help us prepare the food for the party. Many friends from out of town showed up to celebrate whatever it is one celebrates during Cinco de Mayo (besides drinking copious amounts of tequila). Kris dropped by from Chicago and took a bunch of pictures (shown here with 2 Star Fleet officers). The festivities started around 2ish, but this year, Patrick was sick so he couldn't partake. That also meant that the pinata duties had to befall on someone else. We had 4 pinatas and I had no idea how to stuff them with candy. Among the pinatas this year, we had 2 ponies and 2 Doras. Here's a picture of Brian taking a wack at Dora and Rick clobbering a pony. We put spaghetti and sauce in the head of one of the Doras. The rest of the evening involved some fork stabbing and some more fork stabbing, a visit from our neighbors the Portugals, me taking a golfclub in the face, someone getting body slammed into our screendoor, and someone passing out on the toilet whose name shall remain anonymous. There was another story I was told concerning someone who left the party to go to one of the local bars but ended up passing out in the establishment's restroom. Overall, it was a calmer party compared to previous years. No glasses got broken, the kitchen didn't turn out to be a complete disaster the next day, no fireworks were set off in the house, I didn't pass out early from sleep deprivation, and everyone who puked managed to do that outside. In the aftermath, there was a surprisingly small amount of unattended beers left strewn about and, as expected, 4 empty bottles of tequila and an empty bottle of absinthe. Oh, and a sore nose for me. You can see all the pictures Kris took here. Oh, and as a side note, Kris gave me an invite to demonoid so I don't have to host my own tracker, hooray; so I guess I'll add a link: (NOTE: demonoid is no more)

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