End of Wudan

In the world of Everquest, my guild of nearly 4 years is no more, Rest In Peace, Wudan. The 4 PVP servers have merged into one (due to low server populations) called the Zek server, mass PVP broke out the minute the servers came back online. Most of Wudan merged with the guild Hate, which was the top guild in the old Sullon Zek server. After about a month being in Hate, I had made a few friends but still wasn't used to the new state of the server. The merging of the 4 servers literally destroyed the old player-based political system that was established on Rallos Zek over the course of the 6+ years. Everything that was Rallos Zek is gone, except for the people. Old allies, enemies, player-agreed governing rules are all gone. So a few of my good friends have moved on, to a guild called Malus Imperium, on the Tholuxe server. It isn't pvp, but at least I'll be able to play with friends instead of fighting against them. We'll see how it goes.

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