Filing Technique

Friends of mine who work in corporate office environments usually tell us about their hellish or not so hellish days at work on IRC. I sometimes think of a My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable comic strip that perfectly portrays their delimma. There are quite a few strips now so I often have to go through a good many of them before I find the right one. So, having an hour or 2 of spare time, I decide to "FILE" the My New Filing Technique comic strips by keyword. Luckily, I have access to awesome Comet Way software (mainly the webserver and object management) so I didn't have to file this stuff inside a filing cabinet! Check out the files HERE (NOTE: This server is no longer running). Special thanks to David Rees for making these awesome comic strips and giving me permission to make this database publicly accessable. Check out other comic strips that David Rees has done.

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