Was looking through stuff in my /pub/ a few days ago and decided to start playing around with the MandelbrotGenerator and make me some videos. The first attempt at a zoom failed, I was too lazy to do all of the work with bounding box checking. The next day, while playing around with xfractint, I found a nice little area of the set and decided to try my hand at a perturbation sweep. Here are the details:

bounding box: (1.769243841454364, -0.0031901802012802207) x (1.769579521194352, -0.0028545004612927313)
real value pertubation: 0 to 0.3397999999999789 with changes by 0.0001 and 0.00005 later.
bail out test: magnitude of the imaginary value
bail out value: 16
maximum iterations: 1500

And here are the video clips: (hosted at megaupload) 320x320, 640x640; (hosted at tesuji) 320x320, 640x640.

Both clips are encoded using h264 with a VERY high average bitrate because of the immense detail. I wanted to preserve as much of it as possible. Later, I decided to make one more but larger (and shorter). Using the same technique of finding a good spot in xfractint then plugging the parameters into my MandelbrotGenerator, I made a sweep and slight zoom out:

bounding box: (1.7657107441649760, 0.0425056907205785) x (1.7657104857799510, 0.0425054969318098)
real value perturbation: 0 to 0.0019 with changes by 0.000005
bail out test: magnitude of the real value
maximum iterations: 2500
continuous zoom out by 5 pixels per frame

(hosted at megaupload) 1024x768; (hosted at tesuji) 1024x768.

Of course, you can find the MandelbrotGenerator as well as all the old movies I made in the /pub/ directory.

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