Fractals on Youtube, and Electropaint

A few months ago, I got around to creating a youtube account and uploading a few videos. Specifically I wanted to put my video taken of the ElectroPaint Screensaver taken from one of out SGI Indy's. The Electropaint videos got 5 star ratings and some good comments, so I uploaded some of my old Fractal videos created using my MandelbrotGenerator, like the long pan/zoom and the short real perturbation sweeps. Those got some 5 star ratings so I created some brand new ones: real value perturbation sweep, fixed zoom, imaginary value perturbation sweep and pan, and imaginary/real perturbation sweep and pan. I also, for kicks, uploaded my End of Evangelion in 1 minute that I created last year.

UPDATE: Youtube banned me and I had to make a new account and upload all my stuff again.

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