Fresh Ramen

My Wife, Amy, has been buying fresh ramen from the Sun Noodle Brand company. These aren't frozen, but just refridgerated, and come with a liquid packet of broth flavoring. They'll last for maybe a week before they need to be eaten (or frozen). This one in particular is "Spicy Sesame", or Tantan-men. It's amazingly delicious and only takes about 5 minutes to make, depending on the prep needed.

Prep vegetables, tofu, etc, while the water is heating (I use an electric kettle)

Ramen out of the package is soft

Pour the sauce out of the package into a bowl, I'm adding fish sauce as well

Boil the ramen, which only takes 1 minute, 30 seconds.

Then immediately take it off the heat, and into cold water. Leave the noodles in the water until ready to put into the bowl or else it gets sticky.

An egg into the sauce first

So that when the hot water is poured in (slowly), the egg gets cooked

Then the vegetables and tofu

Then noodles and enoki.

About 5 minutes