Random GT4 Update

GT4 has been making its rounds here. We've finished everything except a couple of Endurance races and the Daihatsu Midget II race, due to the fact that this car is insanely rare and can only be bought in the used car showroom one game week out of the entire year. I finally beat the Nurburgring Mission from the driving missions. This required you to race 1 lap around the Nurburgring starting from 6th place and a 2 minute 3 second handicap (this added to the difficulty since you had to wait over 2 minutes just to retry) and finish in first place. After about 4 days of spending many hours straight getting to know all of the over 120 turns that needed negotiating as well as all the places with weird bumps and camber in the road, I finally caught up to the first place car, at the last of 2 turns in the circuit, only to slam into the wall and take a debilitating 5 second penalty. It wasn't until another 20 tries that I was able to catch the first place car, this time, instead of slamming into the wall, I slammed into the first place car, taking a 5 second penalty but knocking the first place car far enough out of the way to win by a mere .282 seconds. I must say, the Nurburgring was one of the most challenging courses in the game. Oh, and I took some pictures with my sidekick. Sir Patrick O'Neal is working on getting our saved replays saved onto a more transferrable media. This should allow others to download them and load them onto your memory card.

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