SMTP Honey Pot

I've been working on this Honey Pot, which resulted from decoys that I've written several years ago to trap people portmapping and attempting to gain access through certain ports. After coming to the realization that it was mostly spammers looking to relay spam that are connecting to port 25, I've set up traps for them, essentially using up their resources so they can't send more spam. I've rewritten the honey pot to run as a standalone class, you can download it here: You'll need java to run it and you can start by typing: java -help for a list of optional flags. Run this on as many machines you own, run them on your home network, laptop, anywhere. The more places these honey pots are running, the more spammers will get tied up trying to send spam. Be warned, if you run this on a machine that is supposed to be running a legit mail server (like machines that have an MX record pointing to it), you're probably not going to be getting any mail. if you make any improvements, send me an email and i'll incorporate it: Email Me.

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