This is a testament to how lazy I really am. I wake up, stumble downstairs and sit in front of my computer to read email, assessing things for their priority, and if I need to deal with them immediately. I then notice I am out of cigarettes, so I'll have to pick up a pack when I go to fetch my cup of coffee. The drug store is roughly 3x farther than the coffee shop, or in otherwords, it's on the other side of the block. I wanted to know how cold it was, or if it was snowing, if I needed my jacket, my overcoat, boots?, or whether I should just deal because it was too nasty outside. The front door is 1 room away, roughly 10 steps. Instead of walking those 10 steps to assess the weather situation, I decide to write a program that will display the current weather map and superimpose the current temperature, pressure, and humidity over the image. It'll be in a window that I can keep running on my desktop and will update every few minutes or so. 2 hours later, I crammed in all these extra things, command line options, zipcode based weather fetching, multiple types of maps, and multiple windows to display maps/info. And here it is, download it, run it, do whatever you want. I know it probably looks like crap (the code probably does too), maybe I'll add extra stuff to it (like event handling!). CODE, JARFILE. If you fix it up or add some nifty feature, send a copy my way.

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