Life On Comet

Last November, when the probe, Philae, was sent to land on a comet detected organic molecules a twitter campaign started with the hashtag #lifeoncomet. Steve sent a tweet with the hashtag but about our old homestead, Comet Way, and it took off from there with tweets from a bunch of people posting picture of the old homestead and the people who made it dear to us. Some of those pictures are just random things in the house, some were from the Cinco de Mayo parties, some were of our friends who we hung out with, but it was a blast from the past to all of us. In an effort not to lose the thread, I've posted it on my Google+ stream and I'm making another post on my site.

It seems that I can't get the twitter embed to automatically show all the replies, so you'll have to follow the link to the actual conversation to see all of the replies. I've also tried to archive some of the photos and host them locally, you can see them all HERE.

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