Mail Reader

Also, I've been getting a lot of questions about my mail reader. As some of you may know, I have stopped using Pine and Elm. I never liked using Outlook/Netscape Mail. procmail is cool as hell but I have problems with it on my linux box. There is always batmail I guess...

So anyways, I got tired of these mail readers so I wrote my own. It is 100% java and I use it exclusively now. You can download it and check it out here: jonlin_mail_reader.tar.gz. I included the source and class files, however, you will need to download the cometway AK build since I import several classes from the com.cometway.util package. You can download these classes (and a lot of other cool stuff) here: Comet Way Downloads. You can include the classes.jar file in your classpath and you will be able to compile and run the mail reader without any problems. I also included a rudimentary README file in my tar ball.

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