Mail Reader Update

Being a somewhat responsible programmer, I must make available my updates of my programs. So here it is! A slightly improved version of my mail reader: jonlin_mail_reader.tar.gz. I fixed a few bugs, added (well not really) a little more documentation. Added a bit of anti-spam, which makes it so I rarely get spam mail anymore. I also included all the classes that you would need; from org.apache.oro, and com.cometway (and yes, I included the LICENSE agreements too). Thus, you no longer need to download anything else except this tar.gz file (HOORAY). Thanks for all those people that bitched at me for not being able to run my mail reader without downloading the cometway opensource agent kernel package (which is quite large), yes, I finally did it, the classes are now included, and yes, it wasn't that hard, and yes, I am a lazy bastard, your flames were all accurate. You should still checkout cometway's agent kernel however. It's probably one of the most secure and easy to use application servers you can run, it's open source, it's 100% java. Oh, btw... for those of you still living in the stone ages, this mail reader will run on VMs as old as jdk1.1.0. Enjoy!

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