Mobile Device

So my new mobile device just arrived, I was expecting some 2 year old technology (old but sufficient), but instead, to my surprise upon opening the box I find a Sidekick 2. My previous mobile device was the first incarnation of the sidekick, it had a black and white display, took bad quality pictures, can be used as a phone if I ever really needed, does AIM/email/webbrowsing, and has a SSH terminal. I also am well aware of the fiasco that happened about a year ago, which included a number of stolen pictures, address book contacts and passwords belonging to celebrities. Contrary to popular belief, the sidekick themselves weren't "hacked", T-Mobile's servers were hacked, which contained this information (nearly all the data on the sidekick itself is actually stored on a server, and wirelessly transfered to the sidekick when needed). No, I never used the website interface, and I never use email to relay anything confidential, I don't use the address book feature, I don't even take pictures of myself with it. So anyways, I find myself being an owner of the same version of the sidekick that Paris Hilton used to take candid pictures of herself. When I saw a few of these pictures floating around on the net, I thought to myself, "Wow, the picture quality is way better than anything I can get on the sidekick I have", and now I know why. I can take pictures in 3 resolutions, the largest being 640x480, not bad. The camera lense and light sensor is also underneath the device now, so you hold it like an actual camera instead of having to deal with an attachment with the old sidekicks. I actually didn't realize the quality of the pictures until I had taken a bunch and mailed one to a friend. I was playing Everquest, headed to a raid, when I took the sidekick out of the box for the first time, so the first pictures were of my computer screen: At portal in WoS, Fighting Vishimtar the Fallen. Later, I took a few pictures of the public area: Our Beyond Hope poster, my chair, our pinball machine, My Kazuo Yairi guitar. I also took one of the TV room, which includes feeds (on the left side) of our wireless infrared cameras, game consoles, surround sound, movie server, and more trash.

Aside from the improved picture quality, the ergonomics are a lot better overall although the alternate keyboard keys have changed a little bit. Shoulder buttons and the cursor keys being moved to the outside allows me to make use out of most of the functionality without having to flip open the keyboard. Battery life seems about twice as long (although my previous sidekick was like 3 years old, at least), wireless transfer rates also seem faster.