New Laptop!

My current Thinkpad T42p, although a very kickass machine, is having issues with the display. There are these blotchy bits behind the LCD, either dead pixels or dirt or something. It's been increasingly getting worse and it makes black on white text hard to read, so it's time to send this shit back to Lenovo. Problem: laptop was purchased through ebay and instead of the 3 year standard warranty (from manufacturer) that comes with T42's, this one only had 1 year and it just expired. So I had to deal with the people who we got the laptop from, no big deal, it was covered (I think). Bad news was it was going to take 4-6 weeks to fix, and I can't be having no laptop for 4-6 weeks, 1 week is bad enough. Solution: purchase a new T42p from Lenovo, with the 3 year warranty, swap drives and send old one to get fix, then sell it. It's too bad Lenovo doesn't sell the T42p model anymore. But... there is this fancy looking T60p that also has a 1600x1200 display like the T42p does. It's specs were pretty close, except better. Better also means I'll need to do a reinstall, as the drivers and kernel I compiled for the T42p probably wasn't going to jive with the T60p. No big deal. Michelle places the order Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday I had it in my hands. I celebrate by getting trashed then start with the installation/configuration the next day. A day later, I have a completely working Lenovo Thinkpad T60p, wireless, DVD, gigabit ethernet, everything, including... the fingerprint reader! Yep, I can now log into X/gdm and unlock xscreensaver with a swipe of my index finger. It was so awesome at first that I'd lock my screen just so I could unlock it using the fingerprint reader. Since there were just 2 or 3 pages dedicated to installing some form of linux (not Gentoo) on a T60p, I decided to write down my experience and what I had to do to get things to work. You can find the Installing Gentoo on Thinkpad T60p doc <--there. Oh, did I mention this machine is faster than GOD?

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