No More CTWM

Well, I am no longer using CTWM as my X window manager. It is sad, very sad, but I wasn't able to get a stable version of CTWM compiled on my new desktop machine. I pondered the use of FVWM, but i'd probably end up spending a week getting everything setup right and tweaking it, as opposed to CTWM where I'd already spent weeks tweaking it and would only need to import my RC file. Alas, I decided to be lazy and just stick with the gnome-desktop thing that came with the installation. I loaded up an Aqua-like theme since it seemed to have the smallest (and least obnoxious) window title bars and borders. I would like to spend the time setting up FVWM or something similar, but there seems to be a bug with running more than one X session, causing both X sessions to blank out after a while; still haven't been able to figure out this bug yet. Being that I am so ashamed of myself for using gnome, I'll secretly neglect adding it to the list of things that I am, and just remove the CTWM bit from the list.

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