No More Honda

I knew this day would come. The tuned-up Honda Accord which once was my pride and joy, also known as the Klignon Cruiser to some (it proudly wielded the symbol of the Klignon Empire on its hood), is no longer mine. It now belongs to Comet Way and is used as a company car. The sports exhaust on it rusted out really badly, and had to be replaced. Michelle opted for a (less expensive) regular muffler; although, I am a little intrigued at how they managed to get it to fit onto the existing (not stock) 1.5 inch pipes. Since it's still a 1.5 inch pipe, I suppose there really isn't any extra restriction of airflow compared to the narrower stock pipes that came with the car. So my new ride is an Acura Legend, which has had nothing done to it. I like the extra power from the 3.2 V6, but I do miss the sound of an unrestricted intake and exhaust. Maybe if I end up having an extra few hundred dollars (and don't end up spending it on anime), I'll invest in a cone filter to replace the intake and the air box that's in it now.