I worship Norio Wakamoto's cock

No, I don't, but he is by and far my favorite Japanese male voice actor. He is God. Angels weep and Devils jerk off when he speaks. I had a discussion about him and some of his work recently and that got me so pumped, I had to add his picture to my home page.

Looks like a pretty swell guy, right? Well, he knows Shaolin Kung Fu, Kempo, and Kendo, and he was a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police. I don't know how many riots happen in Tokyo, probably close to zero since Wakamoto was part of the riot police. He also grew up in Osaka, Japan, which gives him a +5 to awesome. Here's another picture of Norio being totally awesome:

To get an idea of how many anime characters were made awesome thanks to this man of men, just peruse his Anime News Network entry. Impressive list, but some of the obvious gems would be:

Still not convinced that Norio Wakamoto kicks ass? Just watch him kick some ass in the Mugen fighting game or give a speech in Metal Gear Solid. Video games don't convince you? How about you check out the most manly rendition of "Oh my darling Clementine" or some VERY MELON? If you're still not convinced, I don't know what to tell you, maybe that you suck? Well, even if you suck, you should enjoy this.

UPDATE: I've started collecting random sound clips of Wakamoto.

UPDATE: Added this to youtube: