Random Update + Superbowl

I couldn't think of anything worthy of updating my site with, so I'll post something dumb...

Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers won the superbowl, people complained about the questionable calls made by the refs, people in Pittsburgh went apeshit, I guess that's to be expected. I can't say that I was paying that much attention to the game itself, I was however, glad that the song the toystore outside where I live plays ("Pittsburgh's going to the superbowl...") all the time will finally cease. I'm all for team spirit or whatever you call it, but after months of hearing that same song ...

Still, I'm glad that everyone's happy about it, I heard they even delayed schools.

I've been coerced to add some more stuff, even though I personally see nothing worthy of adding. So, since the last time I updated my website, everything has been fairly normal: Everquest expansions, playing EQ for 40 hours straight in order to be the first druid to have maxxed AAs, getting pushed out of moving vehicles while completely shithouse hammered, watching anime, drinking absinthe... the usual, as always. My friend in Vladivostok, Natasha, is moving to Moscow, which means I won't be able to visit her when I go to Japan. Maybe I'll work a train ride from Berlin to Moscow when I go see the L-Trump in Berlin. I've been playing around with the Gimp. I'm still a n00b when it comes to image manipulation, but I have managed to put together some animated gifs: Asuka's Death, Rei wtfpwning Gendo, Lucy wtfpwning Nana. My friend Steve and I have been working for about a month or so on a translation of the Classified Info from the japanese NGE2 game. Oh, and the best ytmnd evar! And somehow, my trip to france 2005 page got unlinked.

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