Setting Fires

A buddy of mine had a get-together the other night (Friday I think it was). There was the usual heavy drinking and comradery associated with such events. But the highlight of the evening, along with the fact that I took a few pictures, warrants that I update my website as such. So my friend Rick invited us over for BLT's (that is Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato; just to be clear). The bacon was impeccable, with the added basil leaves, there was a creation of a most savory sandwich. Then came the Sangria, made from the cheapest wine available (Paisano, $11 for 4 litres) plus perfectly rippened cherries and blueberries, and some apples (note that the picture was taken when the sun was still up). A few hours and a few litres of sangria later... we have exhibit A, a concoction of much gun powder in a small barrel, lit with a match. Soon after, the barrel was doused with something flammable and the fire was reinvigorated, albeit, it was no explosion. Then came the coffee tin that held the remainder and the majority of the gun powder (this picture doesn't do the actual combustion justice, as it burned violently for more than 10 seconds with this intensity, shooting a flame similar to the exhaust of a rocket engine into the sky). This eveming was a reminder of a time long past, where instead of sangria, we had single malt scotch, and instead of a barrel of gunpowder/coffee tin, we had the tin which the scotch was stored in: Hot stuff in the kitchen of Comet Way, and Hot stuff with oregano and basil. Although the Comet Way gun powder burnings were not graced with the presence of Rick, he did, however, provide the gunpowder. 3 Cheers to the joyous combination of gunpower and booze.

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