SSH Brute Force Attacks

Finally got tired enough of getting huge log files of SSH brute force attempts on all my machines. I tried several solutions, daily cron scripts, iptables (some machines don't have iptables installed) using the recent module, and a few other specious solutions but none of them did everything that I wanted across all the platforms and OS versions that we have running here and at the office for far too many reasons worth listing. So where do I turn to? Java, of course... 5 minutes later I had a working program, another 10 minutes to add in some comments so my buddies can play around with it, and you can get a copy as well: Also, I've been collecting a list of links to relevant threads and advisories and what not. I'll go ahead and put up what I have here:
Security focus threads:

from Linode's forums, some good info here:

info on the ssh probing kit:

Full Disclosure's thread:

another thread (nothing much new here):

details of one of the attacks:

a suggestion on how to stop the brute force attacks using strictly RSA keypair exchange:

BSD forums with several links to ways of dealing with ssh brute force attacks:

first iptables solution:

Thread about how to use iptables firewall to block probes:

another iptables solution:

an interesting fix:

another fix:

Auto firewall script that checks the system logs (similar to

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