Summercon 2004

Summercon 2004 is over (Jun11-12). To sum it up in one sentence, it was a wild time: all the single malt scotch at the bar was finished, redpantz did a talk about Beer (beer mugs were also sold this year as well as T-shirts), Bill and parag0n won the password game (it was awesome) as well as Bill taking the XBlast survivor trophy and parag0n taking home the kung-fu trophy for the "nurmberg hack" he performed on the second day of the con, Steve takes home the war driving trophy (he did it on foot), 2 people was arrested by Pittsburgh Police on 5th Ave for "public disturbance" (possible pictures of the citations coming soon), it was informative and fun. Here are some pictures that Paul took and pictures that parag0n took, which are also on the summercon site.

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