Summercon 2011

I survived yet another year of Summercon this weekend. This year's con was probably one of the most successful since we did it in Amsterdam in 2001. Awesome, awesome speakers this year, probably 90% of all linux kernel exploits in the last couple of years were probably discovered by someone in that room.

Some highlights:

Dr. Raid was a trooper once again, he spoke last year when we had the con at the Delancey in Manhattan. The drinking game we played during his talk was everytime he said a word starting with the letter "V", and his talk was about "vtrace". And just like his talking made less and less sense after his 10th beer, so did his slides. BTW, that trash can was in case he puked.

Dan Guido went with a beer hat. It had to be refilled a couple of times throughout his talk.

Jon O and Rosenberg's talk about linux kernel exploits also had a drinking game. They demonstrated some pretty cool techniques to get by GRsec/hardened kernels, probably the most secure examples.

Surprising amount of female hacker turnout.

Jimmy Shah was also a trooper. His talk was about mobile malware and his drinking word was "mobile". I thought he was going to die. There had to be a couple of RFB (request for booze) throughout his talk as both him and the audience were drinking everything.

It was heartwarming to see, at 10am when doors opened, but the bar doesn't open until noon, everyone brought cases of beer, bottles of whiskey and rum, and hardwarez, a long-time summercon attendee, even brought a cooler filled with 40's of Old English. People knew what was up.

Was also a burlesque show at the after party but I don't have any pictures. The first day I think my memory blacked out around 4 or 5pm, shortly after I realized the bar carried Talisker. I made it a little further the 2nd day thanks to a bit more pacing (and that Dr. Raid's talk wasn't on the 2nd day). I remember most of what had happened up to around 11pm. I hope I didn't do anything to piss anyone off as I was flying auto-pilot all night long.

Some immediate feedback:

Darel Griffin
Jason Schorr
Justin Prosco
Jimmy Shah
Zach Lanier

More pictures HERE

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