The Sleeper

So my beloved Everquest quild does what was thought to be impossible (even by the designers of the game), we killed one of the most powerful creatures in the game, The Sleeper. It was a long fight, there were thousands of deaths, but worst of all was the unbearable lag in the game due to 200 people all being near each other casting spells, shooting arrows, meleeing, looting corpses, dragging corpses, etc... This epic fight was big news, as literally thousands of people across all servers were listening in on over 20 serverwide chat channels. A special award goes to our wizard Trylun for getting the kill shot on the sleeper. This is especially unique since nobody has ever killed the sleeper and you can only wake him up once (giving you one shot to kill him). Trylun will perhaps have the only kill shot of Kerafyrm (the sleeper) in everquest history.

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