The Sleeper

"In the darkness the shout to engage was heard. Seconds later a huge burst of magical energy could be felt as the Wizards and Shadow Knights engaged, and huge volleys of arrows begin to rain down as one against their target. The massive infantry then moved in to intercept Kerafrym in mortal combat, supported by a compliment of warriors. The clashing of steel and the screams of chaos echoed in the beasts tomb.Over three hours had past since the epic confrontation began, then there was silence. As a cold freezing wind blew across the field of battle, hundreds had died and many more lay injured on the ground. All was silent again for a brief moment as the image of the legendary Kerafyrm lay lifeless at their feet. Suddenly, the cries of joy and accomplishment began to echo through the decrepit hall and then rain across the land of Norrath. The once warring clans of Ascending Dawn, Wudan, and Magus Imperialis Magicus had put there personal battles aside and come together united as one to accomplish the impossible. They had triumphed where all others before them had failed, they had slain the Legendary Kerafyrm. As the victors departed the ancient tomb, rumors began to spread across the world of Rallos Zek. Rumors became Stories. Stories became Legend. Yet, the Legend of the impossible task they had accomplished together could only be truly told by those that were there. Their story will be remember on Norrath forever." -GM Brenlo

Well, it was recently brought to my attention that more than just the everquest community took note of our momentus kill of The Sleeper. So I incredulously did a search on Google and was surprised to see that it was indeed the case...

My old guild Wudan is on wikipedia!
More sleeper stuff on The Shadowknight Den.
Corante's 'Got Game?' column
The Dragon's Cove Herald, MMORPG Story of the year! (Japanese), but here's google's (somewhat) translation.
There's also a mention at the Daily Summit, tying our achievement to the strength of distributed computing.
I left out all the links from random EQ and Gaming forums, a search for Wudan and Sleeper will give you plenty (as well as the links that I posted here).

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