Vintage GP

The Pittsburgh Vintage Gran Prix just happened over in Schenley Park. Here's a map of the track. I took some pictures with my sidekick this time. On qualifying day (Saturday) we walked a bit to see the car shows, as usual there are some Ferraris, some nice Lotus cars, here's a nice Jaguar E-type, the Ford GT and its engine, as well as several pictures of the different classes qualifying at the start/finish line, Turn 1, turn 3 near Phipps Conservatory, Serpentine Rd.'s first hairpin of 3, another angle of Serpintine Rd.'s first hairpin, and Serpintine's Last turn (also the last turn in the course. The second day was filled with races. I've managed to get a few good pictures on this day as well, although the under 2 litre prototypes race was halted because of an accident involving a telephone poll. The power lines in the road from the accident along with the impending storm clouds played the part of cancelling the last race of the day. Here's a shot of the baby formula cars lined up at the starting grid, the formula division heading towards turn 1, formulas heading toward the last turn, Serpentine Rd., and another formula car on the first hairpin of Serpentine Rd., a lotus screaming towards the finish line, a picture of pit lane, a pair of over 2 litre production division cars coming out of the last turn, the same pair of BMWs heading into the first hairpin of Serpentine Rd., and the winners circle. You can see all the pictures I took here.