In the Court of the Yes Album

The last of the 2 orders for King Crimson arrived. Unfortunately, the "In the Court of the Crimson King" album was over graded and a lot of it is riddled errant pops and cracks. Normally, something like that might be passable but this is an album that's mostly quiet, so it's pretty unbearable. At least I got a partial refund for it.

On the other hand, "The Yes Album" was in really good condition. No offense to Peter Banks, but Steve Howe is pretty awesome, and this album has his solo acoustic song Clap (not "The" Clap, which was said to be a misprint on the album). It was a song I once had to play in order to convince someone I was sober enough to drive a car.

Other than Steve Howe, a lot of good songs are on this album. It's sort of a cosmic irony maybe that both these albums would show up on my door at the same time because these two progressive rock bands were rumored to be rivals of sort (though I doubt it was anything that fantastic). Personally, I've always preferred King Crimson over Yes, it's partly because I'm not a fan of Jon Anderson, but this is still a great album.

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