Freddie, Willie, and Eric

A long awaited shipment of vintage LP's finally showed up in the mail:

This original Atlantic 1973 release includes a couple of Freddie Hubbard songs from the late 60's. The sleeve's even got some sheet music in it, real awesome.

Willie Nelson's original Stardust album. It's got Booker T Jones on piano/organ as well as arranging. And this great photo of Willie on the back:

One of the coolest pictures of Willie. The Stardust album, which consists of Willie Nelson's favorite pop songs, was thought to be a sure flop by the Columbia execs, but the collaboration of Nelson and Booker T Jones made it a top selling album.

And another really awesome double LP, the Chicago Transit Authority:

It's from 1969 and it's so mint it looks like it's brand new. Though the sleeve looks like it's seen better days. I actually already had a copy of this album, but didn't realize it. But this one is a much better condition.

Finally, a great Eric Dolphy recording, which includes Mal Waldron on piano and Booker Irvin on tenor.

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