And another classic:

It's too bad the Paul Di'anno/Clive Burr era of Iron Maiden was so short-lived. I preferred his vocals over Bruce Dickenson's but most of the best songwriting IMO was post Di'anno (and pre-7th son). There was much more of a blues influence in the writing back then, eventhough it was still pretty much all Steve Harris.

It's actually probably my favorite Iron Maiden album. Other albums have great songs on them, but as a whole there's stuff that I can do without. This makes owning them on vinyl a harder sell since you can't easily skip songs or in my case where my turntable isn't automatic, you can't just leave the room and have the record damage itself by constantly spinning at the end. Pretty much every song on Killers is worth a sit-down and straight up listen. The Killers album is a great way to spend 40 minutes or so to sit down, put it on the turntable, and listen to the whole thing through. Even ones that you ask everyday Maiden fans and they won't have much to say about, or even songs that never appear in their live material, like:

Innocent Exile,
Prodigal Son,
or even the instrumental Genghis Khan

Well, maybe not Prodigal Son, I've seen concert footage of them playing that before.

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