Lee Morgan, Donald Byrd, Horace Silver, new arrivals

There's a record store a few blocks from here that is closing down because the owner had a stroke (I think), my friend who writes for a music magazine let me in on it so I went down there today to look for some deals.

Some brand new remasters of Lee Morgan:

Brand new remaster of Donald Byrd (this is a great album):

Brand new remaster of Horace Silver:

Those are all Blue Note remasters on 180g. Same with this one:

I've never been completely sold on the 180g = quality thing, but it does feel nicer and more substantial than 120g pressings, so that's kind of nice I guess. I also got a bunch of first pressings:

Original release of Abraxxas, includes the poster, too:

An OK condition for Relayer:

And since they had an entire section dedicated to Herb Alpert, I had to walk away with at least one of them:

What a smile.

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