Old Recordings

My buddy Steve Shaw found a gold mine of old recordings. He managed to salvage them (since the recordings were made on cassette tape and wasn't of very good quality to begin with) to the point of ripping them into mp3s. We have Antonioni's Floating Chamber Orchestra (Steve Shaw-drums, Mark Hardy-bass/keyboards, Jon Lin-guitar), which includes the EPIC recording of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother. Next we have the Henry Lin Shaw group (Alex Henry-drums, Jon Lin-guitar, Steve Shaw-bass). And finally some recordings of 9 classical pieces and my first attempt at using a multitrack recorder resulting in a few jazz tunes and some other stuff. The latter was with me on all 3 parts plus some (very) minimal percussion, with the exception of Summertime, Dragonfly, and Now I See, which was with Steve Shaw. Steve just added a new page for Vacum, the first long running band I was in at CMU. Recording quality (which is poor) aside, we also seemed to have some issues keeping our instruments in tune, which sometimes is not as bad as others. All these were recorded circa 1995-1996.

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