Summercon 2003

Summercon was last weekend (June6++), it was a blast as usual, there was much drinking as usual, some of it was very informative as usual, and it was in Pittsburgh this year a mere 20 minute walk from my house. Due to its success this year (and we got a LOT of press coverage this time), I wish I could say I was more involved with setting up summercon than simply drinking all day and making sure people had their badges (which was not a problem this year). But alas, all I did was write the webserver that is served from, help with minor things like watching the desk during down time, give technical support to the preregistration via credit cards, and, of course, drink all day every day. The XBlast tournament was a little disappointing (yes, I am the best in the world at this game, you have no chance of defeating me), although I was glad other people played this game. The wardrive was also a good time, there were trophies too! I decided (hastily) not to enter the "My Greatest Hack" competition due to the fact that John Lerchey was one of the attendants of this year's conference, who attemped to get me expelled from Carnegie Mellon twice (second time almost successful) when I was a freshmen enrolled at CMU.

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