Summercon 2008

I don't remember a whole lot from the event. Only what was on IRC the next day

(11:17:08) Curbob: one of the best memories is the hotel crew using a hose to clean puke off the
                   sidewalk Saturday night, I LOVE SummerCon!!
(11:17:26) tdz: yep
(11:17:34) tdz: thats robs fault
(11:17:59) Curbob: he was the care giver at that moment?
(11:18:07) tdz: was his friend
(11:18:22) Curbob: lol did the cab get him home?
(11:18:31) tdz: no idea did he get put in one?
(11:18:36) tdz: he puked in the bar after that
(11:18:38) tdz: on a table
(11:18:43) tdz: and someone covered it with a summercon shirt
(11:18:50) tdz: then i think maybe uncle mark cleaned it up
(11:18:53) Curbob: hahaha
(11:19:19) Curbob: I'm talkin about the kid basicop was helpin, same person?
(11:19:23) tdz: yep
(11:19:27) Curbob: lol
(11:19:30) tdz: he puked outside
(11:19:34) tdz: then bop took him inside
(11:19:37) tdz: and he puked again
(11:19:39) tdz: then i duno what happened
(11:19:41) Curbob: bet he felt good yesterday
(11:19:41) tdz: maybe he got put in a cab
(11:20:09) Curbob: after being inside they called him a cab, HEY, you're a CAB!
(11:32:37) xyg: i havent read any news about him dying so he must still be alive
(11:32:40) xyg: or they didnt find the body yet
(12:19:12) tdz: mrman (12:19:13) shmeck: it had its moments (12:19:14) tdz: what happened to you (12:19:22) tdz: after you abandoned (12:19:27) tdz: did you get mugged or anything (12:19:29) tdz: you ran off into the city (12:19:34) tdz: you said WATCH THIS (12:19:36) tdz: and then ran away (12:19:40) tdz: and i never saw you again (12:19:44) shmeck: lol (12:20:58) shmeck: Did they ever find Mr. Mansfield's projector? (12:21:17) tdz: no ones asked afaik (12:21:19) Curbob: it was good to meet MrMan but never have i meet someone and with in 2 hours they are hugging me and grabbing my ass, but i think i enjoyed it ;) (12:21:27) tdz: hes insane. (12:21:41) shmeck: that is a reasonable explaination (12:23:08) Curbob: hhahaahaha (12:23:25) shmeck: I'm sure her logic was sound. (12:23:45) Curbob: we all like you for the same reasons (12:24:47) shmeck: yes, well, I was wearing the $3 Bill Exchange Rate shirt. She asked me what it meant. (12:25:11) shmeck: "Have you ever heard the expression 'as *blank* as a three dollar bill?'" (12:25:22) shmeck: And she said "QUEER?!?" (12:25:34) Curbob: lol (12:25:34) shmeck: "Oh, I *LIKE* you." (12:25:58) shmeck: Yeah, she then proceeded to tell me all about Charlotte, and the raging gay scene there. (12:26:17) Curbob: nice (12:26:31) shmeck: I didn't correct her, mostly because I thought it would break her heart. (12:26:51) shmeck: Has anyone talked about how she dumped a glass of some kind of fluid on mrman? (12:27:24) shmeck: (i presume it was water) (12:27:32) Curbob: didnt know that (12:28:57) shmeck: yeah, it was hysterical. (12:29:06) Curbob: we set up the 5 foot antenna and was able to see 123 access points from the hotel (12:29:10) shmeck: he was getting a little grabby (imagine that), and she was having none of it. ---
(13:11:31) jonlin: btw, that 5 foot antenna was awesomesauce (13:11:41) jonlin: sometimes I wish I was more sober (13:12:45) jonlin: so it's good to hear basicop's laptop was found (13:13:04) dc0de: it was? that's very cool. (13:14:05) booker4O4: although, I will no longer be Don from the Con (13:14:06) jonlin: i don't remember the con (13:14:13) jonlin: but since someone puked, it had to be a good time (13:15:16) jonlin: I think my memory purposely switched off after the pens lost (13:15:27) booker4O4: heh (13:15:30) jonlin: people I had to look it up to see if they had lost (13:15:36) jonlin: s/because/people (13:15:37) freakn: you disappeared on the 11th floor (13:15:38) booker4O4: somebody puked in my hotel room too I believe... (13:16:44) tdz: RP (13:16:48) dc0de: I disapeared around 6pm, I was so tired from giving up a kidney stone... I went home, took a percoset, and slept for 18 hours. (13:16:59) freakn: did you make it to RP's at 2 am? last I saw you you were just running raround on 11th st (13:17:10) jonlin: i woke up there (13:17:16) freakn: ah (13:17:47) freakn: I was hitting on the waitress and I didn't make it up
Welp, there are some pictures from michelle, but they aren't sized correctly. Maybe I'll replace them when they are. The rest is on

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