Thanksgiving 2014

This year's Thanksgiving was spent with my wife's family and extended family at Davis, West Virginia, in a house near a ski resort. The house was pretty amazing, 5 floors, indoor pool, balconies and a great view, outdoor hottub and sauna, and an elevator. I can't remember how many people were there but I was with the other guys on the 4th floor and the girls and significant others were on the 5th floor, the majority of people slept on the floor or air matresses. Still, there was a lot of room and the house was very comfortable, with a gas fireplace in the center of most of the floors.

The drive to Davis was pretty uneventful until we were maybe an hour or so from our destination. There was a nor'easter or something and a lot of snow was dropped in the Northeast the day before, but the highways and main roads were mostly clear; the drive was brisk. But once we got to W.V., you can see that a lot of the snowfall was still around:

Overall, it looked pretty nice and there wasn't many cars on the road. Eventually we had to start taking smaller county roads to make it to Davis. When we got there, we had to park our cars at the resort, because the car can't make it up the hill to the house without chains or 4wd:

Amy's family are all awesome, but that many people with a single Wifi connection was a clusterfuck. People tethered from their phones but the only service out there was AT&T so most people maxed their roaming data in a few hours. A few people tried to setup different access points but it was still pretty congested unless it was late at night.

It's always pretty amazing to see the clockwork effeciency when it comes to feeding so many people in an orderly fashion. We had lunches and dinners (I missed all the breakfasts) that fed the entire house, Indian food and sometimes burritos.

One particular view from the 4th floor is pretty awesome. The road leading up to the house can be seen.

After one particularly filling lunch, I passed out and the kids put stickers all over my arm and forehead:

You can kind of make out in the picture, I'm wearing the Patel family Thanksgiving T-shirt that they made. Oh, they also tried to braid my hair. The last night we all got together for some games and a discussion about what to do about next year's Thanksgiving.

There were a lot of pictures taken by other family members throughout the weekend, I'll add them here if I get a hold of any of them.

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