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For the sake of keeping things short, I've put anime related stuff on its own page.


I've stopped playing this game, but I still keep in touch with a lot of the people that I met through the game. Many of them are

Every year, some good friends of mine throw a party in Stamford, Connecticut. Here are some pictures from the 1999 Gatsby party.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky is expensive these days, and I have a healthy drinking habit. For testing and evaluation purposes, I created a Google Checkout account. But, if you're feeling generous for some reason and want to contribute to Jon's Scotch Fund, feel free to DONATE!
Also, this is what I think of TinyURL.

DO NOT SEND EMAIL TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS:, is an email address that I reserve for spammers that crawl websites looking for email addresses. I have a bot that listens to this email address, notifies administrators (who care) that spam is being sent from their networks, and adds the relay to my local blacklist. So, if you want to make it so i can't receive email from you, spam this email address. Here's some more!