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These are old news entries that I removed from my home page to avoid clutter, and to avoid the appearance of contradicting myself.


My first Android Live Wallpaper


Summercon 2011


Firefox and CTRL+Q


Brett Keisel


libMatroska and Mplayer


Troy Polamalu




New Laptop! PART 2


Japan 2009
I was in Nagoya, Japan, from June 22nd to July 2nd, but didn't make any real updates. Didn't really do all that much aside from get drunk, watch the Evangelion 2.0 movie. I had a lot of fun and rockthing & Hiromi are the best hosts ever. I should scan the book that Hiromi drew (manga-esque) of my time there and post that instead of writing about it, since those pictures are better than anything I can write.

Here are the pictures and media from Japan 2009.


Lord Stanley
I know I'm a little late to the party, but I think it took this long to get over the warm and fuzzy feeling of game 7 of the SCF, although I'm still not entirely sure about that. Who cares. The Pens won the cup.


Skate 2 by EA Sports
This isn't actually new. I played the game like in January or February, but never thought of making a page about it until I tried to look for those videos I uploaded to the skatereel.ea.com website today and decided to make a page with the videos embedded so that I wouldn't have to search around for them again.


Linux, EDID, and the Nvidia->HDMI->Samsung HDTV



Thailand, 2009. Bangkok, Phuket, Chang Mai


Hey Google Follow this page.

This is a joke, someone managed to get a google search trend up to #2, but there were no search results, so I decided to help out.


I worship Norio Wakamoto's cock (2008)


Petr Sykora and the Pittsburgh Penguins (2008)


Metacity is Lame (2007)


Summercon 2008


Automated Torrent Downloader for Tokyo Toshokan<


Fractals and Electropaint, on youtube


Evageeks.org (October 9, 2007)


Japan 2007! (September 22, 2007)
Around March of 2007, I looked into a trip to Japan in hopes of seeing the first Formula 1 race at Fuji Speedway (it was previously held at Suzuka, which, IMO, is a better track). I talked to Amy about going to Japan to see F1, and she was into it, but when I tried to buy the F1 tickets, they were already sold out (no surprise). I suggested that we go there anyways. Now, the Formula 1 race was in September, and it suddenly dawned on me that the Rebuild of Evangelion movie (1:0) was going to be in September, and suddenly I had a renewed enthusiasm for making this trip happen. In truth, I really did nothing, Amy planned and bought the plane tickets and everything, all I did was contact my friend in Nagoya to buy some Rebuild tickets. The rest is here


Summercon 2007 (August 19, 2007)


Cinco de Mayo 2007 (May 13, 2007)


Fractals (2007)


Everquest Screenshots (April 11, 2007)


China 2006 (September, 2006)
Around March of 2006, I was planning a trip and wanted it to revolve around an F1 race. I've heard a lot about Japan's Sazuka Raceway so looked into getting race tickets for there, meeting up with my friend Steve Shaw and Hiromi from Nagoya, and maybe spending a week or so chillin out in Japan. Tickets for the race turned out to be too expensive and the shitty seats were the only ones left, so... how about Shanghai?


The Sleeper Revisted


The Auto Train (July 12, 2006)
On Sunday, July the 9th, I was wandering around Washington D.C. with Michelle and her brother, Michael, who was a native. We had an awesome meal at a German restuarant and was walking toward Union Station in search for some kind of dessert for Michelle. As we stroll through the station, Michael nonchalantly points out that instead of driving all the way down to Florida from D.C. the next day, I could take the Amtrak's "Auto Train". Neither me nor Michelle had ever heard of such a thing, where I can take a train somewhere and my car can come along. Michelle asks the desk attendant about it and he says it leaves daily at 4pm and arrives in Sanford, FL, at 8:30am. Sanford is near Orlando, and a mere 2 hours from my final destination, Ocala. A little thrilled at the prospect of not having to drive for 14 hours, I book a ticket. My experience on the Auto Train.


New Laptop! (June 11, 2006)


Cinco de Mayo 2006!!! (May 8, 2006)


Old Recordings (March 6, 2006)


Random Update + Superbowl (February 9, 2006)


Setting Fires


Begin Linux Certified laptop rant (December 20, 2005)


SMTP Honeypot (2005)


France 2005 (December 16, 2005)
Just got back from my trip to France. I wanted to meet up with some Everquest buddies near Avignon, but never ended up getting a hold of them. I did however meet up with Mearis Slayerofcows in Milan. HERE is the link of the page that I updated daily which documented my trip. [UPDATE] We finally got around to opening up a bottle of that 98. We decanted it immediately and proceeded to have a few test glasses before finishing off the rest.


SSH Brute Force Attacks (August 31, 2005)


No More Honda


Vintage GP (July 17, 2005)


Random GT4 Update


Cinco de Mayo 2005 (May 8, 2005)


End of Wudan (March 9, 2005)


Mobile Device (December 11, 2004)


Lazy (March 10, 2004)


Mail Reader Update (2004)


Monopoly (2004)
Slightly inebriated one night at Mark and Mel's back porch, our conversation swayed to the topic of the old board game Monopoly. It was theorized that night, that certain spaces on the board had a statistically higher chance of being landed on than others. This, of course, begs the question whether every space had a fixed probability of being landed on. A brute force calculation of this lead to a very, very large factor of branching, and the conversation quickly moved on to other things. So I am at home one evening and decided to try and figure this out, not by writing a program to do all the branching (this is especially hard because of the Chance and Community Chest cards), but by writing a simulation of a game of Monopoly. This simulation is simple: one person playing monopoly, takes turns, rolls dice, moves spaces. The spaces that are landed on are recorded. Chance and Community Chest cards are accounted for in the movement. The results are far too long to put here, so I've put them HERE.


No More CTWM (2004)


Summercon 2004 (June 2004)


Hair Ball (2003)


Mail Reader Update (2003)


Filing Technique (2003)


The Sleeper (November 21, 2003)


Mail Reader Update (2003)


Summercon 2003 (June 9, 2003)


Mail Reader (April 9, 2002)


Mandelbrot Generator (2001)


Jerminal (1999)


I have an experimentation web server running on comet. I wrote it using 100% Java and used CometWay's Agent Kernel platform. I have a few things running on it: HERE

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